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Hey you remember how the shrek movie started ,Shrek peaceably enjoying life with in his home.Shrek and donkey head off to the kingdom of Duloc.When shrek and donkey get to the kingdom,they break a tournament. Lord predicates sherk the winner of the tournament and agree to remove the fairy tale creature from the swamp. Farqueed wants to become a the king .Fiona loves with shrek. Farqueed noticed shrek does not only like Fiona but Fiona also likes shrek.After that Shrek goes home to return to his normal life.Donkey tells him that Fiona was talking about somebody else rather than him.Shrek wants to finish the wedding before it is too late. Shrek tells Fiona that Farquaad only wants to marry her so that he can be king and that he is not her true love. , hey but wait, I am not telling you the end. I am sure by now you want to watch it, even if you have watched it or even if you are going to watch shrek movie for the first time. Trust me it has got one heck of end and you can watch it number of times.


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